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Do not be afraid

There comes upon a person moments of weakness and refraction, moments of sadness and disappointment, difficult and bitter moments that make his vision of life that it is over and not worthy of living.
This is a situation that happens to all humans, but surrendering to this bad psychological state leads to psychological and physical problems, failure in life, wasting life in the past and its memories, and in sadness and crying....
Therefore, a person must get out of the cycle of sadness and affliction, and not give in to anything frustrating, and start over towards the life that he wants and desires...
In this article, we review some tips that help a person overcome difficulties.

Conquer the odds, and start over

📌 Do not convince yourself that you will be happy when you reach a stage .. because after reaching it, you will face other challenges ... the best time to live happy is now .. the challenges of life do not end
🏆 Wisdom in life is not limited to positive situations, as many embarrassing and negative situations carry wisdom within them for those who control their emotions and are able to extract lessons from them. 

 👇 Every problem

You give it more than its size, you are in fact watering it from the water of your health, and crises are not solved by sorrows, so do not care about everything that hurts you because some worries die with your lack of interest in them.

📗 Life is not always our way, not all roads lead to what we wish for, not all endings make us happy, yet there is always a new place, a new path, and the beginning of a new life.....
 Be confident that what is beautiful is gone, but it is more beautiful than it, God willing.

Do not be afraid

 ✌️ Put a point to end all your differences, and start with a new start at the beginning of a new line, writing in it what you want, and who you want.... Away from losses and traumas in humans.
💪 In the corridors of life there are bumps that give us a lesson, and there is joy that gives us hope, and we don't know what fate has in store for us, so we have to think well of God.

Despite the simplicity of honest business,
 However, it creates a feeling in the heart
Deep does not reach great compliments

affliction in life
 It's not a test of your strength
Rather, it is a test of the strength of your use of God 

✔✅ To reach the door of #success
You must pass the gates of failure
On your way to the goal,

✍️ Do not envy anyone for a blessing, because you do not know what God took from him, and do not grieve over a calamity, because you do not know what God will compensate you for, trust in God only.

Don't give up no matter what

Don't give up no matter what 

📗 When you are a spontaneous human being, you may fall into problems that you did not expect, because the purity within you did not match the pollution that filled the minds of some people around you.

🔧 Happiness... is not achieved in the absence of problems in our lives
 But it is realized ... in overcoming these problems.
🔔 Excellence is not only about actions, you are special
With your smile, distinguished by the choice of your words, distinguished by the elegance of your thinking,
So find yourself and stay away from blind imitation.
Dialogue is to illuminate a point for me that I do not see, and to light a point for you that you do not see. . As for the sterile argument that is without politeness, or a sense of responsibility, it is only a kind of verbal fight that both sides lose undoubtedly.

Leave laziness and achieve your goals

📚 Trying to succeed through hard work alone is like trying to reach the South Pole by walking south.. You have to be creative and smart along with diligence so that success will be your ally, God willing.
📙 God Almighty said, addressing Moses, peace be upon him (and to do it on my eyes) if God wants good for a servant.. He subjected all circumstances to him in order to serve him, and bring him close to what benefits him, and keep him away from what harms him; Because he wants it for himself.
📘 As long as you are honest with God, obedient, sincere... Let people leave, and things leave, nothing has left you except that God will compensate you with the most beautiful, complete and best of him.


🔋 It was said in the old days that an opportunity does not come twice!!!
 This is true if you are waiting for it..
But if you are the creator of it, it will come much, God willing 😀

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