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ways of dealing with people


 People are different in thinking, temperament, principles and values, and therefore their personalities differ and vary, and we will explain here the ways of dealing with people intelligently, as well as the way to deal with people according to their personalities, and the way to deal with people at work.

The importance of how to deal with people

Man cannot live alone, isolated from others, he needs them, and they need him for various reasons, and dealing with
people is not easy; People are not at the same class, intellectual and educational level, so we need to learn ways to deal with people
Intelligently, they provide the following:

  • Earn people's love for you.
  • Earn their trust in you.
  • It also brings happiness to the person; He has people he loves and who he trusts.
  • Understand others, and this avoids many problems and enmities.
  • It also helps you achieve your goals in life.
  • Establishing good social relations with people.

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 How to deal with people according to their personalities

 There is no one personality for everyone you deal with, but different, contradictory personalities, which are as follows:

the tough guy

A cruel person is characterized by cruelty in dealing with others, and sometimes with himself, and does not trust others, so he does not try to understand them, and during his discussion with others, he interrupts their words because of his commitment to his opinion and his lack of acceptance of others' point of view.
When you deal with this type of personality, you have to control your nerves and enjoy his words well, and do not make him provoke you, then argue with him in a smooth manner, and do not stubbornly oppose him, and at the same time you must be firm in your opinion.

stubborn person

A stubborn person is characterized by his conviction that his opinion is correct, and that others must obey him, and at the same time he does not accept any opinion of others, but does not accept from the basis fixed and realistic opinions, and he tries to undermine the people around him.
Ways to deal with people of this type, is to make him feel important, and do not marginalize him, and work to win him over, and tell him that he must study your point of view, and at the same time you must take on your side many people who agree with you in your point of view.

The person who complains a lot

The person who complains a lot is characterized by his frequent complaints about circumstances, and he has a dark view of life, and when you talk to him, you feel that he is in constant constant fatigue.
When you deal with this type of personality, you have to listen to him well, and let him know that you are with him, and in general this type wants someone to listen to him, not someone who gives him advice.

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Tips when dealing with people

In order to get people to love you, gain their trust, and avoid their evil, you must do the following:

  • Treat them with respect, that makes them respect you..
  • Avoid making fun of him and hurting them, and using appropriate tactful words.
  • Committing to a smile, it opens up positive ways for you with others.
  • Set limits in your interactions with others, so that no boundaries are crossed at any time.
  • Gifts style is important in dealing with others, because it increases their love for you, and the friendship between you and them.
  • Humility with them, and not arrogance on them.

The art of dealing with people

There are several rules that must be followed when dealing with people intelligently, in order to achieve what you want from them, and not to be with anyone who is hostile, and they are:

Appreciation is one of the most important ways of dealing with people

Any person likes to see people’s appreciation for his effort and fatigue, and it does not matter how it is expressed, the important thing is that this happens, and therefore, make a promise to yourself to show your appreciation for the efforts of others, whether by encouraging words, gifts, or serving them with any favour.
And one important thing about appreciation is to avoid leaving social invitations unanswered, or bringing uninvited guests to social events.


In your dealings with others, you must be the object of their trust, and at the same time learn to trust them. Trust is necessary for the following reasons:

  • One of the foundations of effective communication with others.
  • One of the foundations for forming relationships.
  • Important to motivate others and boost their energy.
  • It makes doing things easier and more comfortable.
  • Helps form supportive relationships that enable anyone to advance and achieve.

 Courtesy and respect

One of the best social rules followed in the ways of dealing with people is the rule: Treat others as you would like to be treated, and the means to achieve this are:

  • Welcoming the presence of others, and greeting them with a good greeting.
  • Say kind words to them, such as: Please, thank you, and other kind words.
  • Respect other people's privacy, opinions, and property.
  • Open different doors to build relationships with them.
  • Offer a helping hand to help them.
  • Focus when talking to them or communicating with them, and this is very important, so avoid texting, making phone calls, or reading books while communicating with them.

 Remember the names of others

When talking to people, or when interacting socially and commercially with them, you will find that people appreciate your effort in trying to remember their names, and will be happy when you remember theirs.

Take the initiative to speak

In order to break the barrier between you and others, the initiative to talk on your part helps in that, as it makes dealing with them comfortable for you and them, and this helps you to win friendships as well.
Do not let your shyness and fear of rejection hinder the process of communicating with others, and take the initiative to talk.

Smiling is one of the ways to deal with people

A smile is an easy plan to deal with and interact with others, especially if it is in the beginning of dealing with new people.

 How to deal with people at work

In the workplace environment, you have to deal with people you do not like, do not accept, and on the contrary, you may find from them who do not like you, and do not accept you, and these are working tips on how to deal with people at work, especially since we spend a lot of time in it, and they are as follows:

  • Stay away from gossip.
  • Humility, respect, and good listening to them.
  • Make your own idea useful for the work, and express it.
  • Admitting a mistake, and apologizing to those who wronged it.
  • Also, do not let the negative words directed at you, by people at work, affect your production, and your life outside of work.
  • Self confidence.
  • Helping new employees.
  • Patience and no anger.
  • Elegance and attention to your appearance.
  • Start with peace, and keep smiling with them.
  • You should also stay away from useless discussions, which lead to problems with them.
  • Build friendships with them.

 Ways to deal with people intelligently help you to reach your goals in life easily, because it is inevitable to deal with people of different types
Their personalities, start implementing these methods, and you will see a great improvement in your life, God willing.

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