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Not enjoying intercourse between spouses, causes, and treatment

Not enjoying sex

 In this article, we will talk about the reasons for not enjoying intercourse between spouses, the reasons that cause the husband or wife not to obtain the pleasure and pleasure that he desires, and make the husband or wife dissatisfied with the intimate relationship with the other party, in brief, and collecting the details of this serious problem that It threatens the stability and continuity of the marital relationship, while developing appropriate solutions for each problem separately.

 an introduction

Many husbands and wives complain about not participating, during the ceremony of establishing intimacy with the other party, and about not satisfying the physical need that exists inside every healthy person.
the paragraph that leads to neediness, grief, to the limb, timing, timing; Because it is not prohibited with the other part.

Reasons for not having sexual intercourse

Intercourse, is the physical relationship between spouses, in which sex is practiced; To reach for pleasure and pleasure, as well as to graduate the body of lust.
It has methods of practice, successive phases, and certain verbs.
There are different reasons, various different types of different types of different types of the same, nice to not listen to intercourse.
We mention a reason that leads to that reason that leads to us being discarded and we mention it.

 The difference in the strength of lust between the two parties

In general, the strength of lust differs from one person to another, with a normal urge, another with high lust, another with intense lust, and another with cold.
And when there is a cold side of the spouses and the other is normal, problems arise between them. One party wants intercourse, and the other is not interested in that.
And the problems increase more and more when there is one side with high or intense desire, and the other is normal.
The cold party practices intimacy without his desire, but rather performs a duty and nothing more, and to satisfy the other party, and therefore the party
The other person does not feel the enjoyment that he desires and desires, because the cold side does not merge with him, and he does not exercise as many times as he wants.

 The solution is here

That each party understands the other, and understands how important intercourse is to him, and that he looks at him differently, and at that time he must start looking for the reasons for his coldness, and work to solve them, and change his view of intercourse as a whole, and try to love the subject, and to understand what the other party wants and does It should not be done as a duty, and with time and attempts, the problem will certainly be solved.

 Masturbate before marriage

stop masturbating

When one of the parties (husband/wife) has become accustomed to the practice of masturbation before marriage, this is a disaster in the true sense of the word,
Simply because the body gets used to the pleasure that comes from masturbation and adapts to that, and when it practices intimacy after marriage, the body considers this practice strange and abnormal! Thus, its pleasure is much less than the pleasure of masturbation.
Here, the party practicing masturbation compares the pleasure between the two cases, so it resorts to the old act, the act of masturbation, and escapes from it, and does the intimate relationship with the other party as a duty, if it does not escape from it in the first place.

The solution is here

Stopping the forbidden masturbation, which requires determination, patience, seeking help from God, and striving for the soul, as well as accustoming the body to the fact that pleasure comes from the natural practice of intercourse with the wife, and this takes some time for the body to change its way of enjoying, and for the husband or wife to know that they can reach For great fun with the other party, many times the malicious masturbation, so let him start to stop masturbating; It destroys health and the marital relationship, and brings you the wrath and wrath of the Most Merciful. 

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Impotence and lack of enjoyment of intercourse

When the husband has sexual weakness such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, or her words, this leads to not enjoying intercourse for the wife, which happens either:

  •     That the husband feels that he is helpless, and that the subject of intercourse highlights and shows his inability and failure, so you find him escaping from intercourse, and using any argument so that he does not practice it.
  •     Or if this husband did not escape from intercourse, and was practicing normally, here the wife is harmed by not enjoying, she enters intercourse for enjoyment and pleasure, but this does not come true, the husband is quick to ejaculate, he comes to his need before his wife reaches orgasm, in addition to that erectile dysfunction disturbs The wife, the slackness of the man at the time of penetration is something that takes the woman out of the feeling of pleasure.
In this case, either the wife resorts to masturbation to relieve her needs, or she hides her desire inside her, and her words are bitter, for the first is an addiction that does not end and is not satiated, and the second is destined to explode and its consequences are not good.

The solution is here

The wife informs her husband that he is strong, healthy, and excellent. The psychological factor is important for the husband, and then the husband must search for the cause of erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation; It may be a psychological matter only, and if it is organic, there is a permanent treatment, and there is a temporary treatment used to increase erection and delay ejaculation, and it is available in pharmacies, and at perfumers,
If the husband refuses to do so, the wife buys some safe tonics and puts them in juice, and when the husband senses a change in his performance, he is the one who will look for a cure.
Note: Safe drugs and stimulants should be used, because the majority of what is offered is harmful and not beneficial.

Watching porn and enjoying sex

stop porn
Watching pornographic films leads to fundamental changes in the intimate relationship between spouses:
  • The husband sees different bodies and compares them to his wife’s body, and he becomes certain that his wife’s body is not beautiful or bad, and that there is more beautiful than it, and he wants the most beautiful, not the bad.
  • Likewise with these dirty films, fake situations and movements in which there is representation, and forbidden back intercourse, the husband watches all this and gets excited, so he asks what he sees from his wife, but the wife refuses to do it because of his strangeness or perversion, and here there are problems between them.
  • Or the wife does it out of hatred, and to please her husband, so she will develop a hatred of sex with time, and a feeling of humiliation and contempt, and that it is just a tool to fulfill her husband’s desire.
  • Watching pornographic films pushes one or both parties to establish forbidden sexual relations outside marriage, in order to reach the pleasure that they watch in pornographic films, as well as pushes the path of homosexuality and rape.
  • It also pays for the addiction to masturbation, because doing it while watching this shit creates an illusory pleasure different from the pleasure with the other party, especially if this other party suffers from weakness or frigidity.
  • Pornographic films also destroy and distort the normal sex between spouses, which leads with time to destroy the marital relationship, as well as lead to not enjoying intercourse.
It is known that watching pornographic films is an addiction more dangerous than addiction to alcohol and drugs, and this is scientifically proven talk.

The solution is here

It is to fear God, and to stop witnessing these impurities, for witnessing them is a major sin, and carries many sins, as it is not a single sin, but rather sins.
It is also necessary to be convinced of the wife, to stay away from any forbidden relationships, and to cut off any existing forbidden relationship, and the same applies to the wife.
And let whoever has fallen into this great sin should know that what he did is an addiction, and to get rid of it requires determination, patience, self-striving, and most importantly seeking help from God, then self-confidence.

Selfishness and lack of enjoyment of intercourse

When the husband's concern is himself, and he seeks to take out his need, empty his desire, to reach pleasure, and he does not care about his wife, and whether orgasm has arrived or not?
You are in front of a selfish and stupid husband, who by his selfishness and stupidity has lost his wife’s eagerness for intercourse and his love, and intercourse for her has turned into uncomfortable moments, as he has lost his wife’s integration, and her indulgence to him, in this case the husband focuses on emptying his desire, then the intercourse ends for him, although his wife is still In the stage of enjoyment, and she has not yet reached orgasm, but the husband is finished, it is over for him!!

The solution is here

The wife tells the husband that she wants to remove her desire as well, and asks him to complete intercourse so that she comes with her desire, and feels pleasure and pleasure as happened to the husband, and the wife is not ashamed of that, and the husband should understand and know that his wife has the right to enjoy as well.

Stupid behavior fails to enjoy intercourse

stop this
The spouses may be in love with intercourse, yet no party or one of them enjoys enjoyment, and the reason for this is the unwise and unintelligent dealings of the two parties or one of them. Before the wife enters the atmosphere of intercourse, she feels pain as a result of the husband's hasty and unwise penetration.
You also find wives who do not exchange foreplay and caress with their husbands. From the beginning, she slept on the bed, and waits for her husband to do everything. As for her, she does not flirt with him, nor arouse, nor foreplay. Certainly this does not make the husband happy, as he wants his wife to integrate. With him, his participation is madness and the arts of intercourse, and he does not want just a body asleep on the bed.

 The solution is here

  •     It is the husband changing his idea of ​​intercourse, and that his wife must be sufficiently caressed and fondled before any penetration, and that this matter brings pleasures to him and his wife, as well as the wife changing her style, and merging with her husband in intercourse, and this also achieves for her and her husband additional pleasures.

  •     Dealing with the husband unwisely, or the wife with indifference, ultimately leads to not enjoying intercourse, and suffering as a result.

 Rape, not intercourse

This is the worst of it, as the wife feels raped every time her husband has intercourse with her!!
Some wives hate their husbands for different reasons, so the time of intercourse is a difficult time for them.
It is a feeling of rape, but it is not an ordinary rape, it is a repeated rape whenever the husband wants to have intercourse.
In this case, the wife hates sex, and everything related to it, and does not want it in the first place.

The solution is here

It is a difficult solution. Either the wife chooses to separate from a person she hates, and it causes her moral and physical pain, or the wife searches for reasons for her hatred of her husband, and tries to start a new page with him, and works to change his nature, and is patient with that, seeking God’s help, and praying a lot, as it should She has to change her mind about intercourse, and try to enjoy it even though she hates her husband.

Not paying attention to personal hygiene

One of the reasons for not enjoying intercourse is also a lack of attention to personal hygiene.
Caring for the body and its cleanliness is important, and understandable to any sane person, but unfortunately we find some husbands and wives neglect this matter, and it does not come to their mind, or they do not care about the cleanliness of their bodies as required.

Imagine that one of the parties (husband or wife) misses the other, misses intercourse, and at the beginning or during its occurrence, he is surprised by an unpleasant smell from the other side, for example, under the armpit, or from sensitive areas, or an unpleasant smell of understanding!!

What do you expect the reaction of this eager party?? There is no doubt that his integration and desire will decrease, if not completely finished, and his concern will turn to the end of intercourse, and with the repetition of this matter, an aversion occurs towards the unclean party, whether aversion to intimacy in particular, or a general aversion to dealing with him in the rest of life matters.

The solution is here

It is sufficient attention to body hygiene, especially sensitive areas, putting perfumes before intercourse, and showering before intimacy.

Lack of renewal in intercourse

Man, by nature, loves renewal, and change, loves diversification, and when he gets bored, he loses the passion for something and his love, and this is what happens in intercourse, as the practice of intercourse every time in the same way as usual, pushes the two parties or one of them to get bored, and with time his tendency and love for intercourse decreases, and the times decrease. Practice is automatic, boredom kills everything beautiful.
Lack of renewal in intercourse, such as situations, places, clothing, and adornment, certainly leads to not listening to intercourse.

The solution is here

It is necessary to change the place of practice outside the bedroom some times, to renew in sexy clothes for women, to practice new positions, and to practice at times when it has not been practiced before.
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Various reasons not to enjoy intercourse

There are other reasons not mentioned that lead to not listening to intercourse between spouses, which are:

  • Low estrogen level in women, as a result of disorders in gland functions, which ultimately leads to a negative impact on sexual pleasure
Here the treatment is done using drugs that stimulate the production of estrogen in the body.
  • Aging, as it causes a hormonal change for women, which is one of the reasons for women's lack of desire, and their failure to reach orgasm,
    This occurs during menopause.
  •  Exposing one of the parties to previous painful sexual experiences such as rape or harassment, and here this must be forgotten.
  • Feeling ashamed of the other party, and here this shyness must be broken.
  • Taking some medications that reduce the desire for intercourse, such as: high pressure medications, as well as antidepressants,
    Here, the doctor is asked for a similar drug that does not negatively affect sexual intercourse.
  • A person's bad psychological state, such as depression, negatively affects the desire and the pleasure of intercourse, so one should stay away from stress, anxiety, and anyone who disturbs the mood.
  • Surgical operations performed in sensitive areas, may negatively affect the pleasure of intercourse.
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Final reasons not to enjoy intercourse

which is next:
  •  Having diseases that have a negative impact on the sexual response, such as diabetes, so these diseases must be treated.
  • Fear of intercourse, where one of the parties becomes afraid and anxious about intercourse, whether that is at the beginning of marriage or because of the pain that occurs to the woman at the time of intercourse, and here this fear must be confronted. Because it will lead to different problems, acceptance and enjoyment of intercourse, and if the fear is due to the pain of intercourse, sexual lubricants are used, they contribute to reducing pain.

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 Know, dear husband, and dear wife, that you can reach the desired pleasure and pleasure. The issue requires a good understanding, abandoning wrong actions, and dialogue with the other party about what he wants and what satisfies his passion, and know that every problem has a solution, and that the search for a forbidden relationship is an escape from existing problems. It is not a solution, but rather the beginning of loss and accelerates the destruction of the marital relationship, discover your problems, and start solving your problems, seek help from God, then with self, and start the solution, and do not be lazy.

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