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Ten scientific facts mentioned in the Quran

Quran and science
The Qur'an and the facts of science

Perhaps you would be surprised if you knew that the ten most important cosmic discoveries of the past hundred years were revealed by the Qur’an fourteen centuries ago....
Our modern age is characterized as the space age, where man has been able to reveal the secrets of the universe and reach amazing facts that have changed our view of the world around us. It is surprising that we find these facts clearly and clearly in a book that was revealed more than 1400 years ago at a time when space sciences were sorcery, charlatans, myths and legends!
And God has called these universal facts in his book to be a guide for every skeptic in this era through which he sees the light of truth and the greatness of the message of Islam... Among the most important of these facts:

 1- Discovering the beginning of the universe

One of the most important discoveries of the twentieth century that scientists refuted the idea of ​​the eternal eternal universe! And they proved with conclusive proof that the universe had a beginning in the form of a huge explosion called the Big Bang, and scientists began to discover the details of this explosion and said that the entire universe was one mass, so it exploded and matter was formed, and during billions of years the universe evolved to its current form.

And we see some scientists prefer to use more accurate terms than “explosion” such as “divergence” or “density.” The important thing is that they want to reach a conclusion that says that the universe began from a single mass (a piece) and then its parts separated (split) and formed stars, galaxies and the Earth...

The Qur’an preceded Western scholars in talking about the emergence of the universe in an accurate scientific manner!

The Qur’an preceded Western scholars by fourteen centuries to the same conclusion in the Almighty’s verse: (Have not those who disbelieved not seen that the heavens and the earth were joined together, so He separated us? One (attachment) and then split and form the universe we see? Alice is God Almighty!

 2- Discover the expansion of the universe

expansion of the universe
expansion of the universe

Perhaps the most important cosmic discovery in the twentieth century is also what scientists revealed about the expansion of the universe, as they found that galaxies are moving away from each other at very high speeds, which causes the universe to expand in an amazing way.

The universe is expanding at a tremendous speed that we do not feel, but scientists were able to measure it with modern devices. This fact was not known to anyone at the time of the revelation of the Qur’an!

This result was reached by scientists after bitter experiments, long observation, and exorbitant expenses over a century. The surprising thing is that the Qur’an revealed to us the reality of the expansion of the universe 14 centuries ago in the Almighty’s saying: A book that referred to the expansion of the universe, isn't this a miracle worth contemplating?!

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 3- Discovering the end of the universe

Many theories have been developed to imagine the end of the universe, differing among themselves, but scientists agree that the universe has an end, and expansion cannot continue indefinitely due to the law of conservation of energy, which determines that the amount of matter and energy in the universe is fixed, and therefore the universe will stop expanding and start shrinking on itself and back From where it started!

Scientists imagine that the universe is a flat and slightly curved sheet, and it will shrink and fold in on itself at the end of the universe's life!

The strange thing is that the Qur’an referred to this end of the universe and even specified the shape of the universe, which is like a curved paper, and this shape is the one decided by most scientists today. The Almighty says: (On the Day We shall fold the sky as the fold of the record for the Books, as We began the first creation, We shall bring it back as a promise to us, then God Almighty: 10) Glory to God!

4- The discovery of black holes

It is a great phenomenon that scientists have researched for more than half a century and finally confirmed its existence, and it is called: black holes. Where scientists confirm that stars grow until they explode and collapse and turn into a black hole with a super-gravity that attracts everything, even light, that does not allow it to leave, so we never see it!

Scientists describe these creatures with three characteristics: they are not seen, and they run while sweeping and attracting anything that approaches them. The surprising thing is that the Qur’an revealed to us this exact result in the Almighty’s verse: And the khans: that is, the one that sweeps and is not seen, and the neighborhood: that is, that runs quickly, and the sweeper: that is, that attracts and sweeps the sky... and this is what the scholars decide, so praise be to God! 

The Qur’an talks about black holes at a time when no one on earth knew anything about them or even imagined them!!

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5- Discover pulsars


Among the discoveries that caused a stir in the twentieth century were “pulsars”, which are stars in the sky that emit a sound similar to the sound of a hammer, and that is why scientists called them “giant hammers” and scientists say that they emit piercing waves that penetrate any body in the universe, as they are sharp and piercing and this result was reached. Scientists after a long observation and study.

Piercing star one of the most puzzling cosmic phenomena for scientists!

But the Qur’an revealed the same truth with eloquent and expressive words, as God swore by these stars, saying: (By the sky and the Tariq, and what makes you know what the Tariq is, the piercing star) [Al-Tariq: 1-3]. They are verses that testify to the sincerity of the Almighty's house.

6- The discovery of the cosmic fabric

In the twenty-first century, scientists carried out the largest computational process ever, whose goal was to discover the shape of the universe, and they used the supercomputer with the participation of three countries: the United States of America, Germany and Britain. And after great efforts, the supercomputer drew a miniature picture of the universe.

It was a surprise that the universe appeared in the form of fabric!! Scientists have concluded that galaxies are located on tight and strong threads of fabric that extend for millions of light years, and they say that the universe has been interwoven with galaxies.

This is the universe we live in... Strands of galaxies stretching for millions of light-years form an amazingly tight weave!

Surprisingly, the Qur’an revealed to us the secret of this weaving with amazing accuracy, confirming that the sky is a woven fabric, in the Almighty’s saying: (And the woven sky) [Al-Dhariyat: 7]. The question is: How did the Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace, know this precise universal truth if he was not a messenger from God?!

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7- Discovering life in space

After discovering traces of primitive life on the surface of a meteorite coming from outer space, scientists began traveling through space to discover cosmic creatures, and after they confirmed the presence of water on the surface of Mars and other planets, they had a cosmic fact that says: Life is everywhere!

There is almost unanimity among astronomers that there is life other than us on distant planets!

This fact, which scholars were not sure of except in the twenty-first century, was presented by the Qur’an in the seventh century AD in the Almighty’s verse: Indeed, scientists say that there is a great possibility of meeting the inhabitants of the Earth with creatures from space! Who Tell illiterate Prophet peace be upon him so?

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8- The discovery of the cosmic structure

Scientists have always looked at the universe as a vast space and a continuous void, but the new discoveries showed that the universe is a tight structure they called the cosmic structure, and the word “space” no longer has any meaning in light of the new discoveries. Galaxies are building blocks, and dark matter and dark energy we don't know about until now!

Galaxies are building blocks in the universe and dark matter fills the universe!

The amazing thing
is that the Qur’an never used the word “space” but rather described the sky as a “building” in the Almighty’s saying: (Who made the earth for you as a bed and the sky as a building) [Al-Baqarah: 22]. And in a second verse, we find the same truth in the Almighty’s saying: (By the sky and what He built) [Al-Shams: 5]. These words confirm that the Qur’an is very accurate from a scientific point of view, which attests to the truthfulness of this great book.

9- The discovery of cosmic smoke

cosmic smoke
cosmic smoke
For many years, scientists believed that the universe contains cosmic dust. Finally, it turned out that this dust is a “cosmic smoke” similar to the smoke we know, and there are huge quantities of it in the universe since the beginning of its formation. And the analyzes of dust particles captured by NASA scientists showed that they do not resemble dust, but rather smoke that dates back to the beginnings of the creation of the universe billions of years ago.

This is the cosmic smoke that scientists thought dust for many years...

Surprisingly, the Qur’an described to us the beginning of the creation of the sky in the Almighty’s verse: (Then He turned to the sky when it was smoke) [Fussilat: 11].

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10- Discovery of dark matter

There is a race today among astronomers to discover dark matter, a substance that fills the universe and makes up a large percentage of it. Scientists have found that stars and galaxies are located through this dark matter, and dark matter is intense and controls the distribution of visible matter in the universe.

Dark matter is very intense and occupies (along with dark energy) more than 96% of the universe!

In the Book of God Almighty, an accurate description of this dark matter, which the Qur’an called: Heaven! The Almighty says: (And We have adorned the lowest heaven with lamps, and that is the decree of the Mighty, the All-Knowing) [Fussilat: 12]. And this sky is very severe, God Almighty says: (And We have built over you seven strong) [Al-Naba: 12] and they are the seven heavens... Glory be to God.

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 And after...
By God, my dear ones, if the Qur’an contained only these ten cosmic facts, it would suffice as evidence of the truthfulness and miraculousness of this great book. (We will show them Our signs on the horizons and in themselves until it becomes clear to them that it is the truth or is it not enough).

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