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Personal weakness and lack of self-confidence

Weakness of personality in humans is one of the important issues, which many people suffer from, so we will discuss the causes of weak personality in humans, with an explanation of the symptoms and ways to get rid of weak personality.
Personal weakness

The importance of a person's personality

The human personality is an expression of the person himself, and is considered the most important thing in him, as it is his own identity that expresses him, and through the human personality he is judged by people.

 Some people have a strong personality, and some have a weak and short personality, characterized by negativity, and the inability to integrate into life like ordinary people.

For the record, there are many intelligent people, who have lost different opportunities for success, because of their weak personality, which made them unable to advance themselves, and weakness in personality is not born with it, but it is an acquired trait, and a person can overcome it, or surrender to it and strengthen it.

Who is the owner of the weak personality?

weak personality symptoms

He is a person who is characterized by failure, his power is wasted, he is not benefited from, his energy is lacking, and his abilities are untapped, and he does not correct the mistakes he commits, and he cannot distinguish between right and wrong, and moreover, he cannot plan for the future. In addition to the feeling of loss, and the inability to adapt to his life.

 In general, people do not prefer dealing with people with weak personality, because of their inability to make the right decision, and their inability to deal with others and express their opinions.

In psychology, scientists call the weak personality a negative personality, and by that they do not mean a lack of intelligence, or that he has a mental disorder, He is characterized by normal or average intelligence, and his level of education is reasonable, but the shortcoming is in the personality of this individual. 

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Causes of personality weakness in humans

Causes of personality weakness

Social status

It is a very important factor. The nature of the social class to which a person belongs determines many things in a person's thought and personality. 

If a person is from a lower class, for example, he will feel degraded and oppressed by others. Just as he feels that his opinion is marginal and unimportant, this will inevitably lead to reasons for the weakness of personality in a person.

wrong upbringing

Where the child is despised, scolded and insulted since childhood, which leads to the suppression of his personality from a young age, making him a shaky child, lacking in self-confidence.

 As well as resorting to the violent method in raising children, such as controlling their opinions, and making decisions about them, all of this ultimately leads to weak personality.

Likewise, excessive pampering of a child at a young age also causes a weak personality of the child.

 negative environment

Which is represented in everything that surrounds a person such as family, friends and acquaintances, whether at home, schools, each of them has a negative thought, frustration, transfer to him, and acceptance, this with time makes your personality weak, as well as if you are exposed to destructive criticism, and hurtful words from those around you, And whoever deals with you, and you surrender to this, will also lead to the same result (weakness of character).

Low self-confidence

In addition to his lack of belief or sense of his own internal abilities, and personal skills.


It means not expressing oneself for a long time, at any age of a person, especially in childhood.

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Weak personality traits

  • A person who is discouraged, resigned, accustomed to giving up easily and quickly, also accustomed to defeat without any conflict or fight.
  • Losing the capacity for continuity and productivity, not realizing that in order to succeed, he must not give up.
  • Escaping any responsibility, and avoiding any stress on oneself, He has no ambition.
  • His relationship with people is superficial, he does not like mixing with them, Where he prefers solitude and introversion.
  • He is hesitant about any decision, and you cannot make a decision in the first place, This is because of his shaky confidence as he waits for others to decide everything for him.
  • He tends not to acknowledge the facts, and he lacks leadership qualities.
  • A negative personality is pessimistic most of the time, And cries for trivial reasons, and in front of people. 
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 Symptoms of weak personality

 Among the most important symptoms:-

  1. Constant grumbling, resorting to other people in the simplest things, where he feels hopeless, and spreading negativity to those around him.
  2. Shyness, fear, and anxiety are among the most common symptoms of a weak personality, as well as the inability to look into the eyes of others.
  3. Having a hard time showing feelings to anyone.
  4. Drifting behind others, and thus carrying out their arduous demands at the expense of his comfort, and this is what makes him characterized by constant humility in most situations.
  5. He imitates others, whether in their thoughts or decisions, as he is low in the ability to make any important or fateful decision concerning him, and this is one of the important signs of the weakness of personality in a person.
  6. Decreased ability to control inner feelings and emotions.
  7. Trouble others with everything, even in negative situations, and this leads the weak person to put himself in endless problems and unresolved crises.
  8. Success is attributed to luck. 
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Ways to get rid of weak personality

Symptoms of weak personality

 There are indeed ways to get rid of the weak character, but you need two things from its owner:

  • First - the strength of determination and will.
  • Second - Self-esteem and respect, and this means knowing that he is a human being who has his existence and existence, and has his abilities and capabilities, but he needs to move this thing that resides within him.
 and to eliminate the weakness of personality in a person, follow the following:

Steps to get rid of weak personality

Getting out of isolation

First, this person must come out of the isolation and introversion in which he lives; Because she is the one who caused him weakness, as well as shortcomings, and negativity, so he must integrate with society and with people, and break the barrier of fear towards that, and he must participate in family events, and what concerns people.

Achieving its goals

He must work to achieve precisely the goals that he would like to achieve; Therefore, difficult matters must be faced with patience and endurance and not giving up no matter what.
Sorry personality.


He should look at life with optimism, and keep him away from despair and despondency. Because they cause personality weakness, it is important to get used to smiling and not being pessimistic.

Self confidence

You should not think about past events and painful memories, and think about the future. He must also work to restore self-confidence, and tell himself that he is able, God Almighty, to succeed and reach his goals.


He should be keen to treat others with tolerance and respect, He also loves to learn the ability to admit his mistakes in front of others without fear or sham, And that he faces the problems that stand in his way calmly and quietly.

 Beneficial reading

Beneficial reading helps in developing himself and developing his abilities, So he should read books on how to build and develop the character; Because it definitely helps in treating personality weakness.

 Other treatment steps

  • Paying attention to his external appearance, paying attention to elegance, and appearing in a good appearance. These things are the magic factor in increasing self-confidence, and also contribute to treating weak personality in humans.
  • Conversation: Sit down with the people closest to you, and ask them to help you eliminate your personality weakness.
  • He has to empathize with those around him, because this is an important step in treating the weak personality.
  • Mixing with positive, upbeat, and optimistic people; Because that pushes the person to love life, optimism, and self-confidence.
  • To possess conviction, contentment is an inexhaustible treasure.
  • He has to try to warn off the energy thieves who are robbing him of his power and will.
  • Have patience, courage, faith in God, and trust in Him when facing difficulties and problems, and he must know that life needs strength from him.

 A message to everyone Don't allow anything to weaken you, or break you no matter what, beat the odds.

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